Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

This is a less in-depth process whereby clients can work on self-awareness, learn about personality preferences and relationship work and also look at confidence and self-esteem issues. In lieu of this, most people would benefit from EAP or EAL.

The Therapy itself is solution focussed and fairly short term. The sessions are 75 minutes long to allow time to process verbally and also an unhurried tome in the arena with the Horse(s).

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Taster Courses

We offer short taster Courses for professionals or those simply fascinated by this field of work. 

A typical taster course will last a minimum of 

two hours. It provides an opportunity to look around the facility, ask about the professional training process and the EAGALA model and a sample EAP session. EAP really has to be experienced in order to be appreciated. A typical taster course is a minimum of two hours but can be tailored to individual or group’s needs.

Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals who live in community with each other within a herd. They each have distinct personalities with different ‘personality types’ a bit like humans. They also have a hierarchy within the herd (whether wild or on a stable yard!) that is decided on a near-daily basis through their interaction, play and assertiveness with each other.

The behaviour and ways of relating which they display amongst themselves and when interacting with humans can initiate opportunities for metaphorical learning for our own way of relating to others.

People may visit us with a range of presenting issues such as:

Disordered Eating
Relationship difficulties
Asperger’s spectrum
Anger Management
Divorce Issues

Shekinah Trust offers funding assistance for those who would otherwise find Equine Assisted Psychotherapy inaccessible due to financial limits. Application forms can be downloaded from:


Please note: Whilst it is our hope and vision to be able to help all those who apply, the award of funding is dependent on available funds at any one time together with the completion of a satisfactory application process.