Shekinah Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) offers clients a unique opportunity to improve their mental well-being by working alongside a therapist and horses – observing and working with the horses’ natural behaviour, and examining the way they relate to each other and to humans. The therapist and client can then discuss what is learned through that interaction. This partnership between horses, clients and therapist provides an environment for significant personal growth and development.

Shekinah EAP is open to referrals from organisations or self referrals from clients with a wide range of problems or developmental difficulties. As a therapy centre we are here to help people in a safe and supportive environment, using horses to aid in that therapeutic process. Horses are the focus for ground-based activities which have no right or wrong method of achievement, during which time human and horse must establish mutual trust and communication. There is no riding involved and no knowledge of horses is required.

Present at every session will be the Mental Health Professional (the therapist), an Equine Specialist, and two horses. EAP is experiential in that clients will discover things about themselves, and others, through participating in set activities with the horses, that they can then explore with the therapist.

While the therapist works with the client and the things that may surface for them during the session, both the therapist and equine specialist will be observing the horses’ behaviour, noting body language and highlighting any interesting patterns or incidents for attention. The therapist can then help examine what they might mean in the client’s own situation, and how what is learned may be retained and applied in their life.

The mere process of working and interacting with horses who are beautiful, intelligent and relational animals, is also in itself beneficial for confidence and awareness of self and others.  As we become more self-aware we ‘grow’ as individuals and find it easier to change our perception of situations, self and others.

This therapeutic process is an intensive and very effective therapy and therefore often requires only a ‘brief’ course of therapy. However, every situation is different and will be assessed individually.

We mainly offer this on an individual basis, however will on occasion do group work, please get in touch for further details.

We are currently in the process of looking to set up a charity branch to provide assisted places for those on benefits or with low income.This is because we want this service to be accessible to everyone for whom it would be beneficial as we know how effective it can be.